CMCS staff and researcher fellows teach post-graduate courses across two CEU Departments as part of the following media and communications-related specializations:

Media, Information and Communications Policy specialization in the Department of Public Policy:

MA students enrolled in CEU’s Master’s Program in Public Policy (MPP) can choose a specialization in Media, Information and Communications Policy.

Certificate in Political Communication in the Department of Political Science: 

MA students enrolled in CEU’s Master’s Program in Political Science can choose a specialization in Political Communication.

The CMCS collaborates with the Department of Public Policy in offering a Media, Information and Communications Policy Stream as part of the Master in Public Policy,  having played a key role in establishing this specialization, and collaborates with the Department of Political Science in offering a Certificate in Political Communication as part of the Master in Political Science.  CEU also offers a PhD program at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations where students might choose to focus on communications-related topics.

CMCS staff and research fellows teach post-graduate courses at both departments. They invite policy makers and advocates as guest speakers during class sessions and take students on field trips to organizations like Magyar Television, Kitchen Budapest, Hacklab, Tilos Radio, and the Open Society Archives. Both programs are growth areas for their respective departments and have enjoyed high numbers of applications and a strong international reputation.

Summer university

CMCS has hosted a summer university course in Budapest every summer since 2008 as part of the CEU SUN program for students, emerging scholars and media/policy practitioners from around the globe:

Student experiences

Read what students had to say about their experiences in and after their courses: