The CMCS has served as a platform for academic work on a broad range of media and communication issues. It has participated and taken a lead role in collaborative projects with academic institutions and civil society partners across Europe and the US, and is continuously developing new research projects and networks.

The center has developed particular expertise in the following areas:

Media and communication policy
The CMCS and CMCS fellows have undertaken research on media regulations, national and international media policy and governance structures, and information economies across media sectors and platforms. Read on..
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Fundamental communication rights
Media freedom and pluralism, freedom of expression and freedom of information are crucial issues for a research center on media and communication, and these subjects are as salient online as offline. In particular, the CMCS has cultivated expertise on issues of privacy and data protection in the information society. Read on..
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Media and civil society
One of the focal points of CMCS research has been on civil society engagement with policy processes and participation in public discourse. In addition, the realm of community, alternative and civic media has long been a particular interest of CMCS researchers Read on..
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New media and technology
An increasingly major part of CMCS research is focused on the role and impact of new media and new technologies in the media landscape. In particular, we are interested in social media and advocacy, and in convergence, mobile communications and the transformation of broadcasting and journalism in the digital era. Read on..
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Media in transition
Based in a strategic location in post-communist Europe, the CMCS has always kept a keen eye on issues of media development and democratization, no longer just in the region but elsewhere in the world as well. The CMCS coordinated the 4-year collaborative research network Read on..
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