Political Communication

In collaboration with the CMCS, the CEU Department of Political Science offers a Certificate in Political Communication for Master students of Political Science. CMCS members teach courses at the department in the framework of this certificate and supervise students' thesis work.

The certificate program provides advanced studies at the intersection of media and politics. Major areas include television, the press and politics; public opinion and voting behavior; political marketing and civic communication; the role of media in democratization; and trends in media system development. Special attention is given to research areas such as the role of new media and alternative media in political communication; the role of the media in forming national and transnational identities; and environmental communication. Graduates will be well-equipped for working as experts in the mass media, political parties, parliaments, civil service or municipal governments; public relations, consultancy and public opinion polling firms; international and business organizations; and think-thanks covering fields from campaigning and political communication to policy and media analysis. Graduates may also choose doctoral studies and an academic career in political science or media and communication studies.

Courses offered in the Political Communication Certificate Program have included:

  • Media and Globalization
  • Comparative Media Institutions
  • Political Communication
  • Digital Technologies and Society
  • Nationalism and the Media
  • Voting Behavior and Public Opinion
  • Media and Democracy
  • Discourse and Contemporary Political Analysis
  • European Publics and the Media
  • Global Media, Power and Resistance
  • Global Media, Governance and Civil Society
  • Media and War
  • Alternative Media
  • Image, Memory and Culture in Media Policy
  • Green Politics and the Media

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