New media and technology

An increasingly major part of CMCS research is focused on the role and impact of new media and new technologies in the media landscape. In particular, we are interested in social media and advocacy, and in convergence, mobile communications and the transformation of broadcasting and journalism in the digital era.

The issues of social media and online advocacy figured prominently at the international conference Internet at Liberty 2010, which was co-organised by Google and CEU. In 2005, the CMCS had already co-organized Re: Activism, a conference on activism in the digital age, which resulted in a special issue of the online journal EastBound.

The research project CivicWeb: Young People, the Internet and Civic Participation, funded by the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme, covered extensive ground on the subject of social media. A journal article about Zhoriben, a Romani Social Networking Site in Hungary followed up on this research material. CMCS Research Fellow Oliver Leistert co-authored the German-language volume Generation Facebook. Über das Leben im Social Net. CMCS Research Fellows Arne Hintz and Stefania Milan have also focused on this subject, for example with their book chapter User Rights for the Internet Age: Online Policy According to Netizens.

A 2010 strategic workshop on cyber security, supported by the European Science Foundation, highlighted the risks involved in the interplay between technological innovations and geopolitical conditions. CMCS research has also touched on pioneering experiments with new technologies, for example in a study commissioned by Magyar Telekom on Comparing Media Labs Across Cultures, Industries and Organizational Boundaries, which included case studies from six countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

The topic of broadcasting in the digital era was addressed in a publication like Public Service Television in the Digital Age: Strategies and Opportunities in Five South - East European Countries, co-authored in 2008 by then CMCS Research Fellow Miklós Süksöd.