CMCS Books

The Center for Media and Communication Studies (CMCS) has published a number of books, mostly with CEU Press. They include a series of books that resulted from the collaborative research network East of West: Setting a New Central and Eastern European Media Research Agenda, which was coordinated by the CMCS.

Titles include Media, Nationalism and European Identities, Media Freedom and Pluralism - Media Policy Challenges in the Enlarged Europe, and Finding the Right Place on the Map: Central and Eastern European Media Change in a Global Perspective.

CMCS and Joint Project Publications, Journal Issues

The CMCS has been part of several international projects, such as European Privacy and Human Rights and INDIREG (Indicators for independence and efficient functioning of audiovisual media services regulatory bodies), which resulted in in-depth, wide-ranging studies and journal articles. The CMCS is also one of the publishers of the EastBound journal.

Publications by CMCS Faculty, Staff and Fellows

The faculty, staff and fellows of the Center each conduct research in their own fields of expertise, whether it is media regulation and governance, community media, or freedom of expression and information. The CMCS has also hosted a range of talented research fellows who used their time at the Center to conduct and publish research on some of the most topical issues in media and communication. This list showcases the books, book chapters, journal articles and other publications of CMCS members.

Recently published:

Hungarian Media Laws in Europe (cover)  The Interactive Website
Hungarian Media Laws in Europe: An Assessment of the Consistency of Hungary’s Media Laws with European Practices and Norms Hungarian Media Laws in Europe: The Interactive Website
book cover book cover book cover
Eds. Michael Herz, Peter Molnar: The Content and Context of Hate Speech: Rethinking Regulation and Responses Oliver Leistert: Generation Facebook: Über das Leben im Social Net Lina Dencik: Media and Global Civil Society
Book cover  Media freedom and pluralism - book cover  Comparative Media Systems - book cover 

Media, Nationalism and European Identities

Media Freedom and Pluralism  - Media Policy Challenges in the Enlarged Europe

Comparative Media Systems: European and Global Perspectives