On 10 October, our Media and Change Series kicks off again: "Prezi: The social impact and national embeddedness of tech start-ups"

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On Thursday October 10, the CMCS will host the first session of our Fall 2013 Media and Change Discussion Series with a presentation about the innovative Hungarian start-up tech company, Prezi. 

Now entering its third year, the CMCS Media and Change lunch series aims at creating a space for reflection and informal discussion about media policies, perils, potentials, and practices. We view this as an opportunity for networking with CEU faculty, students, staff and researchers interested in the media, communication and technological transformations taking hold. 

Prezi: The social impact and national embeddedness of tech start-ups

Presentation by Gábor Vályi, senior social researcher at Prezi

Date: Thursday October 10, 12.45 
Location: CEU, TIGY Room (Nador utca 11, courtyard)

This academic year's first discussion of the Media and Change series will feature the innovative Hungarian start-up tech company, Prezi. Lead by Prezi's Senior Social Researcher Gabor Valyi, we will discuss the social and cultural embeddedness of tech companies. What is the relationship between physical spaces, cultural and social environments and Internet-based, cloud-structured tech companies that could operate anywhere in the world? What does it mean for a start-up to be Hungarian (or of any other nationality)?

We will also look at the social impact that these companies can have, as exemplified by the pro equal rights “We are open” initiative, sponsored by Prezi and other Hungarian tech businesses, of which CEU is a participant. 

Sandwiches will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Please bring your own beverage.

Gábor Vályi is a scholar of cultural sociology, senior social researcher at Prezi.com, and a DJ. He teaches courses on the cultural history of recorded music, subcultural economies, and the consumption of popular culture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has received his degree of Ph.D. at Goldsmiths College (University of London).

Save the date! 

The next session will take place on October 24, 2013:

Professionalized Witnessing and Human Rights Video Activism
Presentation by Sandra Ristovska, Visiting Research Fellow

We are always interested in new ideas for discussion topics and presentations, and encourage volunteers from faculty, students and staff to moderate future sessions. Come talk to us!