CMCS member to present at ECREA symposium on (Mis)understanding Political Participation

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CEU alumna (POLS '13) and CMCS member Elisabetta Ferrari will participate in the ECREA Symposium "(Mis)understanding Political Participation", which will take place at the Department of Communication Science and Media Research at Ludwig-Maximilans-University, in Munich, Germany, on October 11-12.

Elisabetta will present a paper titled "(Social) Media for the 99%? Principles, practices and strategies of content production on social networking sites in Occupy Chicago", in a panel dedicated to "Protest as political participation". The paper is an extract of Elisabetta's MA thesis, defended in June 2013. 

The focus of the ECREA Symposium is on the ambiguities of contemporary political participation: the conference aims to explore the issues, platforms, actions, locations and motivations of politically active citizens today.