Népszabadság interviews Ellen Hume: English translation

Ellen Hume [photo]

The Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság published an interview with the CMCS's Annenberg Fellow in Civic Media, Ellen Hume, on August 24.

Journalist László Szőcs talked with Ellen about the nature of journalism today, when compared with the days when she worked for major U.S. newspapers in the 1970s and 1980s; the pressure which the 24/7 news cycle puts on journalists - and on quality journalism; the role of bloggers and citizen journalists; and the responsibility of a good journalist to tackle unpopular subjects, ask uncomfortable questions, and substitute misinformation with honest answers.

"What is definitely different is that back in our days professional journalists enjoyed a considerable monopoly on information, and, by virtue of that, they had considerable power too, which implied greater responsibility. This is only partly true today. We were the “gatekeepers” of information."

"The crucial point here is the shifting of power. Namely, a shift in the direction of the news media consumers. In my opinion, the insistence on good journalism, or the ability to find one's way around in the jungle of today's media, ought to be taught already at school as part of the curriculum."

Read a translation of the full interview:

"We were the gatekeepers of information"; an interview with Ellen Hume