Amy Brouillette co-authors in-depth report on Iranian journalists

Iran Media Program

CMCS Research Fellow Amy Brouillette is one of the three authors of the newly released Facing Boundaries, Finding Freedom: An In-Depth Report on Iranian Journalists Working in Iran. The report, which is published by the Iran Media Program, a collaborative network of the Center for Global Communication Studies at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, was authored by Magdalena Wojcieszak, Amy Brouillette and Briar Smith.

The report intends to offer the first systematic evidence of the working environment of Iranian journalists. It addresses a critical information and research gap regarding the reporting practices of Iranian journalists, their perceptions of editorial freedoms, their ideas of what the media’s role is in society, and the ways in which reporters and editors contend with Internet filtering and censorship. The fundamental aim of the study is to generate a deeper understanding of how Iranian journalists operate both within and despite an environment of heavy state oversight and restrictions, as well as to broaden our perspective of the complexities of media censorship in Iran. Chapters of the report focus on the operating environment, institutional roles of journalists and professional ethics and principles, journalists’ sources, newsgathering and reporting, and online censorship.