Sunday 16 June: Peter Molnar at Google’s Big Tent V4 Innovation

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Tomorrow, on Sunday, June 16, Peter Molnar will be on a panel about freedom of expression in the Internet age at Google’s Big Tent V4 Innovation event in Warsaw, the first time a Big Tent event is hosted in Central and Eastern Europe.

Big Tent V4 Innovation - Voice for Innovation

How can technology support economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe? How do we capitalize on the legacy of freedom in the region to drive innovation and economic growth? At Google’s Big Tent V4 Innovation - Voice for Innovation, organized in the framework of the Polish Presidency in the Visegrad Group, leaders from government, civil society, industry and the media from the four Visegrad countries will be debating these questions about the future of innovation and the Internet’s impact on society in the region.

Panel II: Freedom - the catalyst for innovation. Defining free expression for the CEE in the Internet Age

CMCS Research Fellow Peter Molnar will be featured on the second panel of the event, with David Drummond, Senior Vice-President of Google, Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, and Ivan Krastev, Chairman of the Center for Liberal Strategies. They will tackle questions like:

  • How can Internet help to enhance democracy and public participation, strengthening simultaneously the legitimacy?
  • How does transition legacy affect the way policymakers and society view free flow of information?
  • What are the tendencies in the new generation?
  • How to take advantage of openness and existing solutions to unleash innovation?

For more information, see the event flyer and event website. Videos and further details will also appear at the Big Tent website and its Google+ page.