"Hate Speech" Monologues: Multicultural theater at CEU, May 30

Members from different departments of the CEU community are presenting a special theater experience, which grew out of Peter Molnar’s course on "Enabling Policies for Responding to 'Hate Speech' in Practice" at the Department of Public Policy:

The "Hate Speech" Monologues

Share and experience the stories of nine people separated by time and geography, but joined in a common struggle


  • Zakarya God (Public Policy): My Roots Betrayed Me
  • Mariya Yefremova (Legal Studies): Herstories
  • Miguel Galdiz (Public Policy): The Color of Ideas Stole My Friends
  • Sara Vitrai (Gender Studies): Everyday Hate
  • Cristina Marian (Legal Studies): Sah-mat
  • Peter Molnar (CMCS and Public Policy): My Great-Grandma's Nose, or How Did I Become Barack Obama
  • Jennifer Joel (Public Policy): A Woman Without A Religion Bearing Her Pains
  • Umair Janoo (Public Policy): From Migrating...To Belonging
  • Victorina Luca (Legal Studies): A Fragment of Life
  • Anna Csilla Daroczi (Gender Studies) and Jelena Jovanovic (Gender Studies): I am a Gypsy
  • Simona Torotcoi (Public Policy): The Leaves on Beautiful Trees by Peter Molnar

Date: May 30, 2013, 6:00 - 7:00 PM
Location: Auditorium, Central European University, Nador u. 9
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The "Hate Speech" Monologues are organised within the public seminar "Would you ban 'hate speech'? Examining content-based restrictions and speech leading to imminent danger", with Dunja Mijatovic (OSCE representative on Freedom of the Media) and many others.