Global Media and Communication publishes article by recent CMCS Fellow on "Defining the global at BBC World News"

Global Media and Communication - cover

The journal Global Media and Communication is publishing an article by recent CMCS Fellow Lina Dencik, titled "What global citizens and whose global moral order? Defining the global at BBC World News".

Drawing on original research about BBC World News, Lina's article makes the case that news practices are developing in a far more complex and contradictory way than is often implied in discourses on the global ‘turn’ in politics.

Ahead of its appearance in print, the article has been published online on May 8. The full article is available for subscribers, on purchase or through institutional access, and the abstract is available for free.

Global Media and Communication is an international, peer-reviewed journal that provides a platform for research and debate on the continuously changing global media and communication environement.