Publication: "Online Personal Data Processing and EU Data Protection Reform," lead-authored by CMCS Research Director Public Policy

Book cover: Online Personal Data Processing and EU Data Protection Reform

Kristina Irion, Research Director Public Policy at the CMCS, has authored a report with Giacomo Luchetta about "Online Personal Data Processing and EU Data Protection Reform". The report was published and presented at a launch event earlier this month by the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels, and can be downloaded from the CEPS website.

The report sheds light on the fundamental questions and underlying tensions between current policy objectives, compliance strategies and global trends in online personal data processing, assessing the existing and future framework in terms of effective regulation and public policy. Based on the discussions among the members of the CEPS Digital Forum and independent research carried out by the rapporteurs, policy conclusions are derived with the aim of making EU data protection policy more fit for purpose in today’s online technological context. This report constructively engages with the EU data protection framework, but does not provide a textual analysis of the EU data protection reform proposal as such.

Kristina Irion is Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Policy at CEU. Giacomo Luchetta is a Researcher at CEPS.