CEU Alumni Publication: The western perspective in Yahoo! News and Google News

Cover of current issue

The International Communications Gazette published, in its latest issue, a paper by former CEU student Kohei Watanabe called The western perspective in Yahoo! News and Google News: Quantitative analysis of geographic coverage of online news. The article is based on the author's research at the Political Science Department of CEU in 2011 under the supervision by CMCS Director Kate Coyer and CMCS Fellow Stefania Milan.

Using a computer-assisted content-analysis program developed from scratch, the paper analyzes 65,278 news items collected from Yahoo! News and Google News in terms of geographic coverage. This paper shows strong agenda-setting functions of Western news agencies on the news portal sites, which lead to highly concentrated international news coverage. It also explains the mechanisms with which these news agencies exercise an agenda-setting influence on the portal sites, based on network theory.