Media, Information and Communications Policy

The CMCS played a key role in establishing the Media, Information and Communications Policy Stream in the Masters programme of the CEU Department of Public Policy. This stream provides focused exposure to issues of policy development and practice in modern telecommunications and information fields. Specialized courses address issues of convergence, the shift to digital broadcasting, Internet policy and mobile and wireless telecommunications.

The program is designed to train a new generation of policy makers and advisers. A small number of scholarships is available for students from the Central/Eastern European region. The student body is an international one and many participants have backgrounds in communications studies or media policy and practice. CMCS members teach courses at the department in the framework of this certificate and supervise students' thesis work.

Courses offered as part of the Media, Information and Communications Policy Stream, taught by CMCS members, have included:

  • Electronic Governance 
  • Civil Society, Governance and Communication 
  • Fundamentals of media and communications policy
  • Enabling policies for freedom of the media 
  • Information privacy protection 
  • Global broadcasting and telecommunications law

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Find more information about the stream on the website of the Department of Public Policy (DPP).